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Our drone systems provide a high-quality overall aerial view of construction sites and other projects where in-depth assessments are needed on a daily basis to avoid decreased productivity and risk.

Drone monitoring is beneficial to help keep construction projects running efficiently, productively and within compliance of safety regulations. This is important for companies who want to minimize cost and meet their proposed deadlines .


With our remotely piloted aerial systems we can gather data much faster, minimizing time on location. Our payload of onboard sensors can provide high-resolution imaging and thermal analysis of your assets so that you can more accurately report and react to potential problems on your site

Remotely piloted aircraft offer a lower risk to personnel and improved cost efficiency over mobilizing conventional aircraft. It also eliminates the need for human work in hazardous and potentially dangerous environments. Our drone services help industries to safeguard quality and safety, mitigate risk and develop sustainable practices for successful growth.


SSI drones are outfitted with the latest cutting-edge geospatial imaging systems. These systems allow for 3D volumetric analysis. With turnaround times typically less than 24 hours.

Our drones are able to fly more square miles per flight than any other drones in their class.  Simplifying the collection and analysis of geospatial data helps your company make better decisions, faster.


  • Reduced inspection time

  • Eliminates possibility of human risk

  • Improves project risk management

  • Offers precise actionable data

  • Early detection to avoid asset failure

  • Minimizes facility downtime

  • Increased inspection time

  • Human risk a possibility

  • Risk management efforts limited

  • Limited date due to constraints

  • Early detection complicated to spot

  • Increases facility downtime